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Tips for making your footwear last longer

There are millions of footwear out there, varying in material, style, and sizes. But finding a timeless pair of footwear that stays for a long duration without making you feel uncomfortable is not easy. But what if we tell you that we know a trick or two to make your footwear last forever? Shocked right? But we aren’t joking. Read on to find out:

Make your footwear last longer with these genius tricks

Think: Quality First

One of the most significant ways of making sure that your footwear lasts longer is to check its quality. Many stores claim to offer footwear at lesser rates, but their quality is not good. We advise you to give preference to quality over quantity. One premium-quality based footwear is a better purchasing decision than five low-quality pairs.

Waterproof your shoes immediately

Unexpected rain doesn’t have to ruin your footwear. Before walking off with those amazing shoes, make sure you waterproof them with an easily available spray online and in stores. But, before waterproofing your shoes, do read the instructions written on the top of the bottle.

Use a wooden shoe tree:

Tips for making your footwear last longer

These will stretch the shoes to their original size preventing creasing and allowing the leather to breathe. A wooden shoe tree also absorbs any sweat/moisture, which can enhance the life of your shoe.

Wick the stains away

Use a salt stain remover and keep the damage to the shoes at bay. Apply the remover on any dirt that accumulates on your shoes.

Keep an eye on the heels:

Women, if you love heels, then keep an eye on their condition. Instead of waiting until the heels are no longer walkable, check their condition regularly. The longer you wait to fix them, the more money it is going to cost you.

Don’t try to outsmart the weather.

Wear appropriate shoes that suit the weather conditions. For example, wear rubber footwear in the rain because they are highly durable, resistant to water, and can be cleaned with water. Leather is made for chilling weather because it gives you a comfortable walk in the snow.

Keep them in dust bags

If you have recently purchased an expensive pair of shoes, chances are they will already come in a dust bag. If you are not lucky enough to own any, you can use a pillowcase as a dust bag.

Keep a rotation

We know you love your black heels, but avoid wearing the same pair of shoes daily. Just like bras and bags, they need time to air out. So, switching up your shoes will give them a longer life.

Use a shoe horn

Struggle to get your shoes on every day? The more you shove your feet into your shoes, the more you will cut their life span. So, use a shoehorn when wearing tight shoes.

Consider brands

There are plenty of footwear brands in the market. But not all stand for their quality. Choose a brand that offers you comfortable, durable, and standard quality-based shoes.

Final Say:

We hope this comprehensive guide on how to make your footwear last longer helps you a lot.

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How to learn to play an Instrument?

Music is a starting point for all those who wish to learn to play an instrument and choosing a good music school can help in the learning process.

Through his study and in particular of an instrument it is also possible to offer young people a place where, while having fun, they have the opportunity to mature their musical and personal knowledge.


Learning to play very early can help the child to enhance his learning ability both at a linguistic and psycho-motor level and the attendance of professional courses makes this process even more effective

Obviously, the advantages can be many even for adults who can find in music a way to escape from everyday life and stress.


How to learn to play an Instrument?

Playing an instrument takes time, commitment, and dedication, but then what pushes us to want to take this path? The reasons can be many.

Usually, when we are younger we approach music in order to be like our favorite artists but we are not aware of what it can really offer us.

  • MEMORY AND CONCENTRATION: First of all, the approach to music allows us to increase our memory and refine our concentration since making music requires focusing on several things simultaneously: tempo, rhythm, sound quality, etc.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION: as we have already mentioned, the study of an instrument requires a lot of time and dedication. Those who play will therefore be more inclined to know how to profitably organize their time for carrying out the required activities
  • COORDINATION: During music production our brain is engaged in reading the musical notes and at the same time has to transform the information into a series of movements. This promotes the development of hand-eye coordination.
  • FAVORS TEAMWORK: especially when you are part of a group or band, each member must be able to relate and align with other musicians. This leads him to hone his socialization and communication skills
  • RELIEVES STRESS: playing an instrument is not just study but you also need to know how to have fun. When we are able to excite the people who listen to us, our self-esteem grows and with it the gratification for the commitment that has been dedicated to honing their skills. This makes us happy and relaxed


Many times playing is not just a passion, but it becomes a real profession. For those who want to make music their job.

The music school is able to provide adequate knowledge to reach high levels of training. Only in this way will you be able to refine your technique and achieve your own stylistic identity.

The learning process must be constant and the help of an expert plays a fundamental role in continuing to improve oneself and one’s music every day.


Music has always been inherent in the nature of man and for this reason, it is interesting to know the history of its evolution.

In fact, since ancient times, music was used to create bonds and lighten the fatigue of work. The melody that it produces has different effects in our mind that allows us to better face the challenges of every day.

All of us, at least once, have used music to restart after a moment of sadness, to give us the right energy in a challenging situation, or to celebrate something beautiful.

Being an excellent artist lies in knowing how to convey your emotions and at the same time involve the listener.

Music belongs to each of us and it is almost impossible to do without it.

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How to Get your Products Popular using Custom Lash Boxes?

Have you been endeavoring hard to become one of the sought-after beauty brands? The struggle to get your false lash variety wide attention and admiration from shoppers can be taxing. If you haven’t utilized the potential of creatively compelling custom packaging as yet, it is time. Personalized boxes can work wonders for making your offers and cosmetic company’s name popular in no time.

Striking boxes for display with engaging details about the silk, mink, and other eyelashes would sway the customers into exploring them. Make the best out of your packaging for building a credible and distinguished image of your business. 

Coruscating lash packaging boxes would aid you with pitching and promoting the magnetic, single, flare, and other collections. Enthralling packaging with interesting and insightful information about the materials and easy application of falsies would expedite the purchase process for cosmetic junkies.

Boxes for products that can address the common consumer questions and concerns would persuade the buyers into buying from you.

Has the packaging printed by a professional service provider to add to its shelf-life and impact?

Take a dig at the packaging ideas for beauty items that have been commended by makeup lovers to know what kind of box styles are trending. Work with the vendor to come up with a packaging layout that is original and engrossing.

Tips below will help in getting your lash collection spotlight through the boxes!

Use Appealing Artwork and Finishing Details 

Depending on the kind of falsies you intend to package and promote, get catchy designs made with vibrant illustrations and color themes. Name of the products highlighted on lash box packaging using cursive glittery and some other font would get noticed even from the distance. Have your brand’s logo and tagline embossed or debossed on the boxes. Custom combos that can enhance the glam of packaging for eyelashes include glossy/matte lamination, foil stamping, UV coating, and raised ink. 

Custom Lash Box with Window 

Custom Lash Boxes

Packaging with a window would make it quite convenient for the lash veterans to view the items and take their product pick. Using a die-cut shape with colorful text on the boxes would aesthetically please the onlookers. Do check out the thickness, flexibility, and other specifications of the stock you intend to choose for packaging and window. Boxes for bundled offers printed with festive and decorative themes would help with marketing your discounted deals.

Create Value for your Offering through Packaging 

Social proof can influence the purchase intent of new shoppers. Proving to the customers that your magnetic and mink lashes are recommended by famous social media influencers and celebs would make your products hard to miss out on. Have the testimonials and links to the videos printed prominently on the boxes for convincing buyers that trusting your offers is worth it. 

User-friendly packaging layout should be preferred as hard to open and handle boxes would be a hassle to deal with and are very likely to get rid of by the consumers. 

Packaging ought to be detailed, do mention the kind of ingredients lashes are made of and their manufacturing date along with safety instructions and cautions. 

Retail and other brands that trust Legacy Printing for their custom boxes laud the packaging provider for being proactive with communication and services. Call or message the team for sharing your order requirements!

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