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How to choose air Conditioning?

When summer comes and it gets hot, air conditioning is essential, right? But with so many different models, many people are in doubt when choosing the right device for the size of the environment and type of construction. So, I prepared a guide to help you find the ideal device. Come and see!

The importance of BTU´s:

Before you start talking about the appliances, you need to understand what the air conditioning BTU is, okay? BTU is the acronym in English for the British Thermal Unit. And the greater the number of BTUs, the more powerful the air conditioning is.

But you don’t need to buy the most powerful one you find in your first search, see? In fact, the idea is to choose a device with the appropriate BTU. For the size of the room where the air conditioning will be. To help you, take a look at this table here:

Types of Air Conditioners:

Window – has the condenser and evaporator unit in one unit. It is indicated for small environments, with no space outside to install two devices. In addition, you need a hole and support on the wall outside.

Split – there are two devices in the split air conditioner, okay? They are the condensing unit and the evaporator. And depending on the split model, they can be in different places. Look that:

  • The traditional split is for those who have space like a backyard or a balcony for the condensing unit. Which should be outside the house. The evaporator is inside the room.
  • The Split Window is one in which the condenser is embedded in a space in the window. It is ideal for those who do not have space outside.
  • The Split Hi-Wall is for those. Who cannot break the wall, since you can put the condenser stuck on top of it?
  • There are also commercial models that freeze large spaces, such as lounges, restaurants, and theaters. Split Floor-Ceiling. Which is attached to the ceiling, and the Split Cassete, which is embedded in the ceiling and which is hidden.

Duct – It is made for large buildings. Where the piping and the air conditioning system are central, built together with the building. When it is turned on, it cools all rooms at the same time. Practical, right?

Portable – it is the most practical of all. It does not need installation and break-breaking and you take it wherever you want. It is suitable for small spaces. Just plug it in and put the extender tube out of the window or balcony. The device exchanges the air with the environment.

Hot and cold air conditioning – If you live in a place where the climate changes a lot during the year. A great option is to choose a model that, in addition to cooling, can heat the room! So you enjoy your air conditioning in both summer and winter. Perfect, right?

Voltage X Energy Expenditure:

If you are thinking of buying an air conditioner and live in a city where the official voltage is 127V, you need to know that the voltage does not change the power of the device in any way, ok?

But also take into account that the energy consumption in the 127V models is higher and, to install the air conditioner, you will need to have more resistant and thicker wires. Since the 220V, it does not pull as much force from the wiring, it can work with thinner wires.

Oh, and choose the air conditioning models with the Procel Energy Saving Seal with A or B ratings, see? It’s worth it if you want to save a lot on your account!

Installation Tips:

And if you live or have an office in a building and are unsure of which model of Split or window to buy, check these items first:

  • See if your building already has entrances for window air conditioning with a cement frame on the outside or a balcony.
  • Many new residential and commercial buildings already have small bags outside the windows made to put the condensing units of the Split models, okay?
  • What is the maximum size and weight of the condensing unit allowed in your building.

After checking which model works best for your apartment, business or residence, you need to prepare the installation location. Look at these tips:

  • You need to have plugs and a dedicated circuit breaker just for air conditioning, okay?
  • The air conditioner also needs a PVC pipe. Pipe to take the water that comes out of it to the sewer. In addition to planning the electrical part, you need to plan the hydraulic part.
  • In Split models, which have two parts, therefore. The idea is to choose a place where the split and the condenser. Which is outside, are on nearby walls. Thus, you save on wiring and piping, which connects the devices and still spend less on breaking the wall.
  • If you are building or renovating and you think about having an air conditioner, including the point for the appliance. When installing the pipes and electrical and hydraulic connections. The boxes where the sockets and switches will be, ok? The same thing is true for those who are going to embed a floor-to-ceiling model, which goes in the ceiling.

Usage Tips:

Do you want to make better use of your air conditioning? Take a look at these other tips:

  • Remember to close the doors and windows when the air conditioner has turned on. Also, close the curtains and blinds to keep the heat out.
  • Install the air conditioner in a place. Where the air circulates and does not leave anything preventing. The outlet or entry of air from the unit.
  • Remember to clean your device’s filters at least once a month. Make sure that dirt will not interfere with its operation or harm the air quality, okay?

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