Building a new home: 5 tips from an expert builder


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Buying or building a new private home is one of the priorities of everyone in our society, and given its position and importance to individuals and families, you must take into account several factors before building your own home.

Home planner

Before embarking on the implementation of the design of the house, you must determine everything related to the appearance of the house, its size, and the shape of the design that matches your taste. This design should be a clear reflection of the family’s vision and requirements within the established budget. Such as the spaces of the rooms and the space occupied by the rest of the house. For example, to reduce the cost of construction, it is advised to reduce the space of corridors inside the house and to reduce the high cost of plumbing supplies by designing the kitchen and bathroom side by side or one on top of the other.

Experienced contractor

Some may choose an inexperienced contractor; Because the cost of using its services is low, and this, of course, is at the expense of the quality of the house’s construction. Ask your friends or acquaintances or find contractors who have masterfully executed homes, while adhering to the deadlines and budget set in advance for the construction process, and of course being present on the construction site during the implementation of each stage to supervise and maintain order on-site, in addition to using the best materials used in construction; And that within the allocated budget.

Ensure the use of a reputable contractor; many contractors hire other subcontractors to manage the project in their absence; So be careful.

On the other hand, hiring an unknown contractor or one who offers their services for less money compared to contractors who are reputable or known to carry out good projects, may cause you to forfeit the construction quality. And then preview the damage in the future.

Relying on a specialized engineer to supervise the construction stages

When building a new home, the presence of the engineer on the construction site is indispensable to ensure that each of the stages is fully implemented according to the correct standards. Especially in the concrete structure and finishing stages, otherwise, the condition and habitability of the building will be damaged with time.

The engineer also oversees the correct implementation of the previously laid design as a future vision of what the house will look like in the final stages.

Selection of high-quality building materials

The use of inferior or non-conforming building materials leads to heavy losses during the implementation of architectural projects. Relying on these inexpensive materials could lead to buildings collapsing or having to pay additional costs in the future due to damage to the building.

The purchase of high-quality building materials reflects on the life and durability of the building and bears fruit over many years, thus ensuring the existence of a private home for your family that is distinguished by high-precision design, build quality, and implementation for you and future generations in your family.

Take care to choose the best electrical tools

Remember that this house is for you and your family, and of course, you do not want to buy unauthorized or unknown electrical appliances; Hence, it may not be safe for you and your family. To choose the best electrical tools, rely on well-known brands that are subject to authorized quality and safety standards.

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Rely on consumer-efficient electrical appliances and modern LED lighting

With the growing global trend towards rationalizing energy use, the need for the presence of electrical devices in the market that consumes less electricity has emerged. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful while purchasing electrical appliances, such as air conditioners. This is to rationalize electricity consumption and reduce bills. In the context of rationalization of consumption, LED lighting means that live longer and consume less energy.

There is no need to build many walls inside the house

We previously mentioned the importance of having a smart design model that effectively and practically makes use of spaces, and within this framework, it is recommended to build a small number of walls inside the house Because many walls lead to many corridors, which is a waste of home space.

The presence of multiple sources of ventilation in the home

For the sake of your health and that of your family, make sure that there are good sources of ventilation inside the house; Such as balconies and windows; This is to replenish the air.

Choose suitable colors for the exterior and walls

The exterior of the house should be painted inconsistent colors, and is not harmful to the eye; To ensure the aesthetics of the house, as well as the interior walls; To add elegance to your home. Some studies have confirmed the ability of color to improve a person’s mood.

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