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A Quick Guide To Effortless Styling With Shirts For Men


When there are plenty of occasions to go and you are lacking in your wardrobe choices, then what better than having shirts for styling. It is a perfect go-to option to walk in style with confidence. The best thing about the shirts is that you can possibly find the right choice for yourself by browsing through the exclusive selection. Well, the shirts for men are available in different colors and styles. To compliment your look with the shirt you need to explore the choices in order to find a perfect fit.

The casual shirts for men come in different varieties. Every single piece of the latest shirt collection is of a different kind. The wide category of shirts includes wild print shirts, sweatshirts, camp shirts, button down shirts, shirts with henley collars, shirts with easy print. Well, customizing the fashionable dress collection of your wardrobe with the customized shirt is all you can do to keep your fashion food ahead. It can be paired well for an attractive look at any particular party, event, or function. The attractive shirts can even be worn to the informal occasion with pride. The flattering cuts and style of the shirts say it all. Whatever your preference is, you will always find the right shirt piece for yourself. Besides, it is not so expensive to purchase. You can get the perfect shirt without having to invest much in monetary terms.

All about styling with a vest

Men's Casual Shirts

To add an extra edge to your full-figured body you can consider getting a vest. It is a great introduction to flaunt a unique look. The vests look great. Moreover, it is an easy-to-go wearable. It adds up to the entire visual. The best thing about the vest is the maximum comfort it offers to the wearer. Carrying custom-designed vests to any specific occasion will help you mark an impactful presence. It is considered the most effective introduction that has lessened the individual styling effort to a great extent.

If you want to look different then without any further thoughts and evaluation, pull up your entire appearance with a great piece of V neck vest. These are fashionable pair of shirt pieces. The customized introduction does not fail to meet the personal preferences of the wearer. You can complete your entire appearance with the right pair of vests.

Significance of weighted vest

Vests are of a different kind. Besides being fashionable wear, the weighted vest can be utilized to keep one in good health. It is considered the best equipment to maintain your fitness level without much effort.  It is suitable for all body types. With quality wear, you can build the mass of your muscle and add up to your outcome. To be more precise, the unique introduction is an ideal fit for intensifying body shape. It is the best product which turns out to be an affordable choice. Investing in weighted vests comes out with great results. This variety of vests is a flexible option to enhance your endurance and stamina.

Vest offers absolute comfort to the wearer. Besides, the quality material used for its manufacture allows ultimate airflow which avoids sweat build-up. Well, if you are targeting your core muscles then investing in the V-force vest will add up to your results. The feel and function of the unique introduction make it the best manufacture. Also, the adjustable straps lessen the efforts of slipping in to the vests. It is the absolute best. The additional feature that makes them extremely compact and durable vest worthy of purchase is that it allows maximum mobility.

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Tips for making your footwear last longer


There are millions of footwear out there, varying in material, style, and sizes. But finding a timeless pair of footwear that stays for a long duration without making you feel uncomfortable is not easy. But what if we tell you that we know a trick or two to make your footwear last forever? Shocked right? But we aren’t joking. Read on to find out:

Make your footwear last longer with these genius tricks

Think: Quality First

One of the most significant ways of making sure that your footwear lasts longer is to check its quality. Many stores claim to offer footwear at lesser rates, but their quality is not good. We advise you to give preference to quality over quantity. One premium-quality based footwear is a better purchasing decision than five low-quality pairs.

Waterproof your shoes immediately

Unexpected rain doesn’t have to ruin your footwear. Before walking off with those amazing shoes, make sure you waterproof them with an easily available spray online and in stores. But, before waterproofing your shoes, do read the instructions written on the top of the bottle.

Use a wooden shoe tree:

Tips for making your footwear last longer

These will stretch the shoes to their original size preventing creasing and allowing the leather to breathe. A wooden shoe tree also absorbs any sweat/moisture, which can enhance the life of your shoe.

Wick the stains away

Use a salt stain remover and keep the damage to the shoes at bay. Apply the remover on any dirt that accumulates on your shoes.

Keep an eye on the heels:

Women, if you love heels, then keep an eye on their condition. Instead of waiting until the heels are no longer walkable, check their condition regularly. The longer you wait to fix them, the more money it is going to cost you.

Don’t try to outsmart the weather.

Wear appropriate shoes that suit the weather conditions. For example, wear rubber footwear in the rain because they are highly durable, resistant to water, and can be cleaned with water. Leather is made for chilling weather because it gives you a comfortable walk in the snow.

Keep them in dust bags

If you have recently purchased an expensive pair of shoes, chances are they will already come in a dust bag. If you are not lucky enough to own any, you can use a pillowcase as a dust bag.

Keep a rotation

We know you love your black heels, but avoid wearing the same pair of shoes daily. Just like bras and bags, they need time to air out. So, switching up your shoes will give them a longer life.

Use a shoe horn

Struggle to get your shoes on every day? The more you shove your feet into your shoes, the more you will cut their life span. So, use a shoehorn when wearing tight shoes.

Consider brands

There are plenty of footwear brands in the market. But not all stand for their quality. Choose a brand that offers you comfortable, durable, and standard quality-based shoes.

Final Say:

We hope this comprehensive guide on how to make your footwear last longer helps you a lot.

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6 Party Wear Lehenga Trending Online: Buy Now!


It does not matter how much the fashion industry gets unfolded with time, Partywear lehenga in Ethnic wear is the pride of our Indian culture for centuries, consisting of Patola lehenga, Silk Lehenga Choli, Georgette lehengas, etc.  The new sensational online party wear lehenga collection is out for the lovely ladies who want to glam up this wedding season. The delicate curves and sizzling work will hook your heart to every piece of this collection. 

The other reason why this Party wears lehengas are trending online is; they are available at unbelievable prices. Now You don’t have to dodge the fancy lehenga that was heavy for your pockets. Just go and shop at the Party wear a lehenga online, courtesy VasansiJaipur.

If you are looking for a head-turning party wear lehengas for you, visit the vasansi Jaipur website for more collections.

So let’s start the runaway of these special Party lehenga, perfect for bride, bridesmaid, bride and groom mother, and all the beautiful ladies who won’t settle for any less!!!!

The 42 Kaalia Patola lehenga

The 42 Kaalia Patola lehenga

Patola fabric is the pride of Patan, Gujarat made from double-ikat weave silk fabrics. It requires the hard work of the number of weavers regularly for four to six months, sometimes even more. 

These lehengas are mainly crafted with geometric prints, which have always been known for their regal look. The above given Patola design is incorporated with floral and vegetal patterns depicting a marvelous look and very much in trend nowadays. Kallis is referred to as ombre strips that need to be perfect and symmetrical stitched to get the right flare. 

 Reason; This piece has colour, cut and fashion!!!

 Lehenga With Patola Dupatta and Kamarbandh 

 Lehenga With Patola Dupatta and Kamarbandh

Now, you have got an idea why ethnic wear is incomplete without patola fabric. But many women feel uncomfortable in lehengas. Hence, to adorn you with such regal attire, you need not drape a 9-meter long lehenga because here we have Patola Dupatta, which can enhance your look in party wear lehenga also. Lehenga with Patola Dupatta is knocking on the heart of Indian Ladies. 

Have a look at the Patola Dupatta above crafted with animal prints and geometric forms. That extra oomph factor is with that Rajasthani Kamarband. 

 Reason; This piece has life, elegance, and happiness!!!!

Georgette Party Wear Lehenga with Mirror Work

Georgette Party Wear Lehenga with Mirror Work

Mirror mirror on the wall, the most beautiful one in all

Georgette party wear lehengas made from highly twisted yarns characterized by a wavy surface is the latest trend nowadays. They are recognized as one of the best party wear, which is easy to carry and maintain but still never disappoints to give a lavish look. 

Georgette alone is enough to make you feel like a princess.

Have a look at the above extravagant Yellow embroidered pure georgette lehenga with succulent mirror work looking magnificent. 

 Reason; This piece has loyalty, fashion and grace!!!

Anarkali party wear Lehenga Delicacies

Anarkali party wear Lehenga Delicacies

Today, the Anarkali lehenga has made its place in the heart of every Indian lady. The name Anarkali defines a delicate bud of the Pomegranate flower. It delineates the innocence, softness, beauty of the women who wore such attire. Anarkali lehenga is made up of long flared skirts with a cross neck long jacket style blouse.  

These lehenga have become very much popular not only in India but in many other Southeast Asian Communities. 

 Reason; This lehenga is a perfect mix of simplicity, sophistication and smoothness. 

Silk Chaniya Choli for Wedding 

Silk Chaniya Choli for Wedding

It is the most expensive and delicate string substance that has been produced from a number of silkworms. Silk is the oldest ethnic wear whose grace is impossible to attain by any other fabric. 

 If you have love for crop tops, this semi-flared Chaniya choli in silk is your summer’s wedding party wear dress. 

Damn Gina!!! For the love of silk and blue, buy this beautiful floral printed chaniya choli for a frivolous evening.

 Reason; This piece is bold, bonded and blessed!!!!

Bandhej Print lehenga

Bandhej Print lehenga

A must for every girl’s closet- Bandhani or bandhej. 

Bandhej or Bandhani Print is one of the ethnic prints of Rajasthan and Gujrat, which connects the Indian ladies with the royal culture of both states.  Partywear lehenga with the Bandhej pattern is becoming popular among ladies nowadays.

Have a look at the above royal blue and turquoise Bandhej lehenga, where the upper part is donated with traditional golden work, and flares are graced with Bandhej prints. 

 Reason; This piece is eternal, ethical and eccentric!!!

Takeaway Of The Blog 

None of the weddings or festivals can be complete without these traditional ethnic wear. So, this article will help you to choose the best latest and trendy ethnic wear of 2018.  I hope you like these trending ethnic designs.

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5 Reasons Which Says That You Are A Hat Person


hatThese days hats can be seen gaining popularity once again and when you go around in the market you can hear the terms like a fedora, bowler, gambler, safari, and other such words which you might have gotten familiar with.

Custom hat printing has also started making its way but it is tough to accomplish the perfect styling with that and this uncertainty of people makes them people jumping from one style to another without actually being stable on what’s suitable for them.

Today we will be talking about the hats in brief, what are the materials used in them, and few reasons which can accumulate if you are absolutely a hat person. The world of hat styles is big where various designs, shapes, and material is used for both men and women.

It is important to stay aware of the world of fashion where styles are crossed and people love experimenting with their looks and existing styling trends. If you look closely, you won’t find much of the difference with the styling patterns and terms such as trilby and fedora that are these days can be used interchangeably manner where they are being used because of the changes in the brim sizes.

Not every individual holds the same opinion when it comes to their fashion sense and even the manufacturers look to mix and match various styling names like the one which we have just talked about.

Apart from this, you can find out that there are almost hundreds of styling which can be included in your daily style using the hats such as a bellhop cap or napoleon’s famous bicorn. Although we will be not talking about the same here since these are a rarity to see such hat types these days.

Materials used in hats:

  1. Cotton- the hats made from cotton tends to stay for a long duration and it gets easy to pack them for a journey since they are crushable and are often adopted in custom printing Vancouver. You can get them in various, sizes, shapes, or colors.
  2. Wool felt- wool felt is prepared using the rolling and pressing of wool and then later on moisture and heat is applied on it to produce the fibers mat or interlock together to bring out the final product of felt fabric. Its texture remains very soft and you can try out different colors in it.
  3. Straw- when it comes to straw for hat-making, there are various varieties available throughout. The only difference which will be found in them would be with strength, fineness, durability, and color. For instance, the raffia straw is used in the making of hats which are easily packable and crushable whereas the toquilla palm is used for making the Panama hats. Most straw can be used in wowing the hat but if you want the best ones, you need to rely on the hand-picked ones since they bring out the best color, texture, and pattern. Paper or toyo or made by twisting the woven paper creating a fiber which comes to be quite strong, easy on the pocket, and lightweight for transportation however, the downside of this would be that you cannot use this in the rain as it gets wet easily.
  4. Fur felt- this is created using the same technique which we used with the wool felt but here the materials used are a lot finer and softer. Most of them are carried out from rabbit, beaver, and hare pelts and that is why they turn out to be extremely soft and gives you a sense of joy when you take the sense of it by touching them.

Are you a hat person?

  1. You find it easy to put on your hat quickly than spending time carefully styling your hair. You might never need to wash your hair between hats and dry shampoo, let alone putting out different hairstyles. Never is an exaggerated word here but you can do it once a month to maintain scalp health.
  2. Your bangs are still short so you find it easy to keep the hair off your face using the hats since you find it quite boring to use clip-on.
  3. Since you can easily find the hats by just searching online the term custom hats near me, on which you can stylishly rest your sunglasses when not in use or if you use two glasses for both eyes and sun.
  4. There are people for whom a sense of completeness comes only when they are wearing a nice presentable hat, and you are there in one of them.
  5. You like to take care of your skin from the scorching heat and sun by making three things essential, sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats. Little styling touch helps your skin go long way by maintaining the right health.
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A Complete Guide to Buying Padded Bras


When it comes to clothing, the very first to go on and purchase wisely is your padded bra. Your bra is the foundation of your attire. If it doesn’t fit correctly, you cannot walk confidently. It may seem a pretty challenging task to find the padded bra, which makes you feel comfortable that you do not realize you are wearing intimate-wear. The world of fashion, when it comes to undergarments, can be confusing and intimidating. Believe us, the quest may be challenging but fret not. Check out the buying tips that we have mentioned below. 

Let’s get started 

Measure your body 

Before looking for a padded bra online, the very first thing to do is to know your bra size. A tight bra can create unsightly bulges, resulting in pain, and make you feel uncomfortable all day. Similarly, a loose-fit bra causes discomfort. So, all you need to do is to measure your bust size to know your perfect bra size.

Identify your breast shape

Let’s admit it girls; all of us can’t have the same breast shape. So, it is advisable to identify your breast shape before buying a padded bra online. Not all bras are designed for every girl.

So, before shopping for a bra, it’s essential to think about the size and the shape of your breast. 


Along with size and style, the fabric also matters the most. Always check the quality of the fabric when purchasing a bra. Now you may be thinking about how is it possible to check the fabric if you are shopping from an online website? Well, reputed brands such as Zivame mention all the product’s descriptions. So make sure that you read them carefully and wisely. You can also check out the reviews that are shared by the customers. High-quality fabric is flexible, stretchable, and offers you a high level of comfort. So, whenever you purchase a padded bra online, give priority to the fabric above all. 

Take a look at the fit 

An ill-fitting padded bra neither looks stylish nor comfortable. Ensure that your cups easily fit across the bosoms minus any gaps. Ideally, purchase a padded bra that pushes the center of the chest bone. The underwire ought to follow the edge of the breast tissues and the remaining on the rib cage. 

Look out for the reviews 

One of the best ways to choose the perfect padded bra online is to read the reviews. Keep an eye on what reviewers are saying about the bras to help you choose the ideal bra. 

Wear them correctly 

Sometimes a perfect-sized padded bra doesn’t feel comfortable. It’s not a manufacturing default; maybe you are not wearing it correctly. Many women don’t know how to wear bras correctly. Use the adjuster straps to fit it perfectly. 

Congratulations, you found your perfect padded bra. Now, it’s durability depends on how you store it. Keep them neatly in a lingerie drawer, or you can hang them on a hanger. 


We hope this comprehensive guide on buying a padded bra online helps you a lot. If you want a perfect, sensual, and comfortable padded bra, always purchase the same from a reputed brand. 

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T-shirts for Men in Your Favorite Color


Explore the wide range of T-shirts for Men 

T-shirts for men are the most versatile outfit. Partying, shopping, or work out, tees are actually the best-suited dress for most of the men. T-shirts are great to create a funky or sporty look. But often, men are confused with the colors that are going to suit them

Well, when it comes to choosing colors, there are two most important things that really do matter. One is your complexion and the other is the time or purpose of wear.


When there are a lot of general conventions regarding which color to wear, you must not tame the wild spirit within you to explore and keep turning around new options. To boost up the spirit of the explorer within you, check out the greatest range of t-shirt for men.

Boys have a few goods to go-to colors. Most men have the predominance of such colors in their wardrobes. These include Black, White, Grey, Blue, and Dark Red. By convention, these are the manly colors. But in an ever dynamic fashion world, you can step out of these conventional colors and get along with some neon green or scarlet red.

It is always better to choose the color of the t-shirt according to the bottom wear. You can move in any direction, either contrast or similar palette. Your ripped black jeans will go well with both white or a black tee. But if you want to break the norm, you can even go with a fluorescent yellow.

 The skin tone and undertone are among the top priority determining factors to choose t-shirts for men. You can develop the basic idea about complementary colors and color wheel from the following.

Solid tees are great for office picnic or active wears whereas printed tees are an appropriate choice for hanging out with your friends or family brunch during weekends. Apart from colors, you might also try out a lot of varieties in terms of neckline and fits.

According to your body shape and stature, you can choose to wear a crew neck, round neck, or v neck. Your physique will be the main parameter to decide whether you want to indulge in slim fit or casual fits.T shirts for men come in the various neckline, sleeve length, body length, and fits. Each of them is potent enough to create various looks. To know more about your t-shirt style, check out

These days, a lot of people prefer to wear customized quoted t-shirts. Quotes on your clothes are much more than simple allegory. They reflect your style and personality. It is stylish no doubt until you choose the wrong color. A pink t-shirt with very pale-yellow letters will never stand out. Whereas a bottle green t-shirt with the same pale-yellow typing will be a star.

With a few simple tips and tricks, you can choose or design the best ever t-shirts for men.

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