The Dos & Don’ts Of Fall Screen Printing In The Fashion Industry

In the United States alone, the summers are coming to an end and people are gearing up for the fall season. Fall means that the scorching summer days will be replaced with chilly winter mornings and evenings.

The days are shorter and if you happen to live in a climatically challenging region, you would experience severe snowfall and testing winter conditions. While some people adore winters, some people only get to experience them at the base level.

For my friends living in the coastal areas, they would know what I’m talking about. The winters are light, breezy, and not that difficult. But it is still cold for us to go on with our daily routines and at times may become challenging.

But with each season, people happen to change their lifestyles and standards. The emotions are up and running, people seem to be in spirits, and quite rightfully so. Winters are a blessing in disguise because it allows us to spend more time with our loved ones, the warm and comforting delights of your house give you an upbeat feeling, and overall, the situation is very uplifting.

But as the season progresses slowly and gradually, meeting and public events also become exclusive. I remember I was invited to a trading and marketing conference in Montpelier, Vermont. As you all know the state is famous for its ski resorts and hotels functioning all around the year.

It was freezing, but that did not stop people from going on with their lives. It is common for the city to be snowcapped with ice all year long. But anyway, coming back to the story.

The tradeshow was lit up with colorful lights, companies organizing their marketing booths, and businesses, and entrepreneurs interacting with each other. The event was successful and created a strong impact on the working class and individuals.

That being said, from private corporate events to charity fundraisers, a lot happens in different cities around the United States. And if you are participating in a marketing event, and looking to customize your business with promotional apparel, you choose screen printed T-shirts.

But screen printed T-shirts are not just restricted to marketing and branding events, many other institutions also use screen-printed apparel to promote their services. For instance, if you are managing a fall-based event, you may want to rack up screen printed T-shirts so that you can hand out to the participants.

These things ensure that each and every participant is invested in the event and is enjoying to the fullest.

Now that we have discussed the traits, the benefits, and the basic structure of screen-printed T-shirts, let us take a look at what you should look and what you should not look into when ordering for fall-based screen printed T-shirts.

So without any further delay, let us begin.

What you should really do

Your T-shirt design should always be according to the event

Participating in a tradeshow, a marketing event, or something else, you should always be privy of participants and design T-shirts accordingly. A funky screen-printed T-shirt may catch the attention of the people in dance or other events, but may not go well on a marketing event.

That being said, take a look at the people, the scope and design your T-shirts accordingly. Make sure that you get a viable screen printing quote from different decoration companies to get the best results possible.

Order prior to the event

When you know the maximum number of people participating in the event, you should always order screen-printed T-shirts prior to the event. Make sure to order in bulk and a little in extra quantity, because the turn out may or may not exceed your requirements.

What you should never do

Never design your screen printed apparel in a dark color

This is off-putting for many and doesn’t give you the result you want. As a matter of fact, people don’t like dark-colored printed T-shirts at all. Because then the purpose of your branding and marketing would go in haste and for customers, it would be nothing but a dark and fazed apparel.

Don’t select heavy fabrics for screen printing

Heavy colors may only look well if you select light fabrics for printing and customization. If you are rooting for bold colors because your audience loves it, avoid heavy fabrics.