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A Complete Guide to Buying Padded Bras

When it comes to clothing, the very first to go on and purchase wisely is your padded bra. Your bra is the foundation of your attire. If it doesn’t fit correctly, you cannot walk confidently. It may seem a pretty challenging task to find the padded bra, which makes you feel comfortable that you do not realize you are wearing intimate-wear. The world of fashion, when it comes to undergarments, can be confusing and intimidating. Believe us, the quest may be challenging but fret not. Check out the buying tips that we have mentioned below. 

Let’s get started 

Measure your body 

Before looking for a padded bra online, the very first thing to do is to know your bra size. A tight bra can create unsightly bulges, resulting in pain, and make you feel uncomfortable all day. Similarly, a loose-fit bra causes discomfort. So, all you need to do is to measure your bust size to know your perfect bra size.

Identify your breast shape

Let’s admit it girls; all of us can’t have the same breast shape. So, it is advisable to identify your breast shape before buying a padded bra online. Not all bras are designed for every girl.

So, before shopping for a bra, it’s essential to think about the size and the shape of your breast. 


Along with size and style, the fabric also matters the most. Always check the quality of the fabric when purchasing a bra. Now you may be thinking about how is it possible to check the fabric if you are shopping from an online website? Well, reputed brands such as Zivame mention all the product’s descriptions. So make sure that you read them carefully and wisely. You can also check out the reviews that are shared by the customers. High-quality fabric is flexible, stretchable, and offers you a high level of comfort. So, whenever you purchase a padded bra online, give priority to the fabric above all. 

Take a look at the fit 

An ill-fitting padded bra neither looks stylish nor comfortable. Ensure that your cups easily fit across the bosoms minus any gaps. Ideally, purchase a padded bra that pushes the center of the chest bone. The underwire ought to follow the edge of the breast tissues and the remaining on the rib cage. 

Look out for the reviews 

One of the best ways to choose the perfect padded bra online is to read the reviews. Keep an eye on what reviewers are saying about the bras to help you choose the ideal bra. 

Wear them correctly 

Sometimes a perfect-sized padded bra doesn’t feel comfortable. It’s not a manufacturing default; maybe you are not wearing it correctly. Many women don’t know how to wear bras correctly. Use the adjuster straps to fit it perfectly. 

Congratulations, you found your perfect padded bra. Now, it’s durability depends on how you store it. Keep them neatly in a lingerie drawer, or you can hang them on a hanger. 


We hope this comprehensive guide on buying a padded bra online helps you a lot. If you want a perfect, sensual, and comfortable padded bra, always purchase the same from a reputed brand. 

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