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5 Reasons Which Says That You Are A Hat Person

hatThese days hats can be seen gaining popularity once again and when you go around in the market you can hear the terms like a fedora, bowler, gambler, safari, and other such words which you might have gotten familiar with.

Custom hat printing has also started making its way but it is tough to accomplish the perfect styling with that and this uncertainty of people makes them people jumping from one style to another without actually being stable on what’s suitable for them.

Today we will be talking about the hats in brief, what are the materials used in them, and few reasons which can accumulate if you are absolutely a hat person. The world of hat styles is big where various designs, shapes, and material is used for both men and women.

It is important to stay aware of the world of fashion where styles are crossed and people love experimenting with their looks and existing styling trends. If you look closely, you won’t find much of the difference with the styling patterns and terms such as trilby and fedora that are these days can be used interchangeably manner where they are being used because of the changes in the brim sizes.

Not every individual holds the same opinion when it comes to their fashion sense and even the manufacturers look to mix and match various styling names like the one which we have just talked about.

Apart from this, you can find out that there are almost hundreds of styling which can be included in your daily style using the hats such as a bellhop cap or napoleon’s famous bicorn. Although we will be not talking about the same here since these are a rarity to see such hat types these days.

Materials used in hats:

  1. Cotton- the hats made from cotton tends to stay for a long duration and it gets easy to pack them for a journey since they are crushable and are often adopted in custom printing Vancouver. You can get them in various, sizes, shapes, or colors.
  2. Wool felt- wool felt is prepared using the rolling and pressing of wool and then later on moisture and heat is applied on it to produce the fibers mat or interlock together to bring out the final product of felt fabric. Its texture remains very soft and you can try out different colors in it.
  3. Straw- when it comes to straw for hat-making, there are various varieties available throughout. The only difference which will be found in them would be with strength, fineness, durability, and color. For instance, the raffia straw is used in the making of hats which are easily packable and crushable whereas the toquilla palm is used for making the Panama hats. Most straw can be used in wowing the hat but if you want the best ones, you need to rely on the hand-picked ones since they bring out the best color, texture, and pattern. Paper or toyo or made by twisting the woven paper creating a fiber which comes to be quite strong, easy on the pocket, and lightweight for transportation however, the downside of this would be that you cannot use this in the rain as it gets wet easily.
  4. Fur felt- this is created using the same technique which we used with the wool felt but here the materials used are a lot finer and softer. Most of them are carried out from rabbit, beaver, and hare pelts and that is why they turn out to be extremely soft and gives you a sense of joy when you take the sense of it by touching them.

Are you a hat person?

  1. You find it easy to put on your hat quickly than spending time carefully styling your hair. You might never need to wash your hair between hats and dry shampoo, let alone putting out different hairstyles. Never is an exaggerated word here but you can do it once a month to maintain scalp health.
  2. Your bangs are still short so you find it easy to keep the hair off your face using the hats since you find it quite boring to use clip-on.
  3. Since you can easily find the hats by just searching online the term custom hats near me, on which you can stylishly rest your sunglasses when not in use or if you use two glasses for both eyes and sun.
  4. There are people for whom a sense of completeness comes only when they are wearing a nice presentable hat, and you are there in one of them.
  5. You like to take care of your skin from the scorching heat and sun by making three things essential, sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats. Little styling touch helps your skin go long way by maintaining the right health.
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