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Beyond Weight Loss: Reasons To Exercise That Aren’t Based On Losing Weight

Not many people can see the beauty of exercise beyond losing weight. While many begin their fitness journey with a sole goal on their mind, they should also learn about other workout motivators. Starting your exercise regime to lose weight will keep you motivated long enough until you reach your goals. But, these other reasons will convince you to make exercise a regular party of your lifestyle.

It floods your system with happiness hormones

Exercise is among top mood boosters because it initiates release of endorphins. It’s a completely natural way to boost release of endorphins, change your mood and turn a frown into a smile. Instead of going for a pill that will reduce stress, depression, anxiety, why not exercise instead. You might be looking for a quick fix, but that’s only a temporary solution to a problem. On the other hand, regular physical exercise can improve your mood and emotional state in the long run.

Better self esteem

The effort you put into reaching fitness goals and milestones will boost your self-esteem and confidence. Knowing that you can lose some weight, improve strength, stamina will increase the way you perceive yourself and your strengths. If your self-image is tied to your body image, exercise can help you change your perception. Even if your goal is not to lose weight, your body will start to lose body fat and shape up which leads to better body image and increased confidence.

It’s a social activity

Working out with friends can provide you with a support system on the path to your fitness goals. You can push each other whenever you feel like quitting. It creates a stronger bond especially if you exercise with a person who shares the same passion towards being fit, strong and healthy. It’s also a great way to socialise during these social distancing times. You can schedule exercise video dates with your friends. Equip your home workout zone with a customisable squat rack, weights and dumbbells and you can crush your workout at home while you motivate each other to push through the last rep on Zoom.

Exercise calms your nerves

Beyond Weight Loss: Reasons To Exercise That Aren’t Based On Losing Weight

We’ve talked about how exercise improves your mood. But, we should also note that exercise is a powerful stress relieving tool. Whenever you feel negative emotions emerge or rise within you, turn to exercise to decompress. Exercise helps reduce tension, redirects your thoughts from depressing matters and gives your mind a break. Endorphins are the ones responsible for stress relief because they flood your brain and improve your mood. 

Better sleep

Stress and anxiety are also responsible for lack of sleep. But, when you work out to reduce stress and eliminate anxiety, you’ll sleep better at night. When you exercise sometime during the day, not a few hours before sleep, you exert yourself to the point of being able to fall asleep easier at night. Sometimes you can’t fall asleep because you aren’t tired enough, so exercise can help with this. Basically, as you increase energy consumption/exertion during the day, the chances of falling asleep easier increase.

Better health

Regular exercise makes you stronger. It improves your performance, increases mobility, reduces the risk of a number of health issues. The most common health risks like heart disease, diabetes, brittle bones, slow metabolism, blood pressure are all reduced if you embrace exercise as a regular part of your everyday routines. When you give your best to strengthen your immune system to reduce the risk of suffering from these common health issues, you strengthen your health. Whenever you feel like you don’t have time to exercise, always have in mind how exercise helps you be healthy and stay healthy.

Keep weight off and prevent weight regain

We’ve come to the most common reason why people embark on a fitness journey. People gain weight because they don’t spend as many calories as they put into their body. Thus, regular exercise can help people increase the amount of daily activity which helps to burn accumulated fat and aid fat loss. However, exercising without a calorie deficit won’t help you lose weight. If you fix your diet, change your bad habits and start exercising, your weight will slowly but surely drop off. And if you maintain your regular fitness regime, you’ll keep the weight off and do your best to prevent weight regain.

Another benefit of regular exercise is mental sharpness and better performance. As you lose weight and gain strength, you’ll feel lighter, energetic, focused and able to achieve anything you want. When you pair that with other seven reasons your determination to work out will be bulletproof.

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