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A Beginners Guide About iPhone Spy App

Every parent and spouse want to ensure their kids and partner are not involved in illegal acts and browsing the internet in a safe manner. Parents want to build up to something great for their precious children. They strive to provide them with a healthy atmosphere where they can learn new things to become a nice human being.

A Beginners Guide About iPhone Spy App

If you have given your child an iPhone, it is compulsory to keep an eye on his digital activities. When kids use the internet, there are higher chances of them coming in contact with both good and bad people, not just relatives and friends. They also have access to informative and inappropriate content that they should not explore at any cost.

Therefore, if you want to ensure your teen is safe from scammers and adult content, you can use TheOneSpy iPhone spy app. This tool offers a non-jailbreak solution for iOS smartphones. It is quite easy to operate this software on iOS devices and gadgets and you will not face any difficulty.

You will be able to monitor your targeted person’s phone with its state of the art. Its prevailing features will help you fulfill your parental duties in a better way possible. There’s no need to install it on your targeted device because it is different from other spying software. However, it has the capability to track each and every activity your kid performs on his smartphone.

What Makes The iPhone Monitoring App the Best?

  • The non-jailbreak solution and numerous parental control features help parents keep a check on the digital acts of their teens and kids.
  • It does not require any installation like other parental tracking tools.
  • It works through iCloud credentials and has a user-friendly interface.

What Are the Key Features of an iPhone Tracking Software?


Do you want to know about what sort of webpages and websites your kids have bookmarked? Then, you can use the iPhone spy app because it helps you check all the bookmarked websites on your targeted person’s no-break cell phone.

Internet History

These days, many kids are engaged in watching porn movies and inappropriate content. They also have easy access to gambling and drug-related sites. So, if you want to know what kind of websites they have explored, the monitoring tool is a great option for you. It permits you to monitor all the visited websites URLs on your targeted cell phone. You can also find out how many times they have visited a particular website.


You can view all the saved contacts on the iPhone with the first and last names and emails of all the contacts.


Grab information about all the alarms that your targeted person has fixed on his smartphone such as morning alarms and others.

Calendar Events

If you want to get access to all the calendar events such as event descriptions or birthday reminders, then you should invest money in the spy software.

Permission Hardware

The tool helps you see all the installed applications that seek permission to access the camera and media gallery.


Do you want to listen to all the sent and received voice messages to realize about whom they connect with and what they talk about on instant messaging apps? The monitoring tool can prove to be a great help to you.

Bluetooth Paired Devices

You can uncover all the Bluetooth paired devices and gadgets that are linked with your target smartphone. It allows you to get access to the whole data including wireless headphones and iOS to iOS paired devices.

Internet Usage Time Bypass

The software empowers you to grab information about all the apps that are running on your child’s cell phone.

SMS Chat List

If you are suspicious that your teen is engaged in sexting, then the app allows you to read all the SMS and text messages secretly and remotely of your child’s phone. You will be able to read all the content of the SMS to know what they are talking about.

Social Media Monitoring

You can check all the social media accounts of your children to see exchanged media, emojis, audio and video conversations, and much more.


If you want to protect your kids from the digital dangers, you should get the iPhone spy app. It can protect your kids and family from many kinds of harms and dangers.




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