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7 Tips to Make the Holidays Affordable this Summer

People wait for summer vacations to visit their favorite destination with family or friends. However, the past year has not been great for the finances, and many have already used their savings. You may think of spending the vacation at home to not get into another debt.

However, it is relatively easy to make the holidays affordable with the right tricks in mind. A few hours of research and negotiation will make sure you don’t end up spending the whole vacation in the backyard. After all, you deserve a break from your busy life throughout the year.

Here, we have mentioned some tips to make the holidays affordable this summer to help you plan the vacation.

1. Compare the Flight Prices

The basic advice to save money on travel is to compare the prices before booking. Airlines have different prices for the flight for the same day and same class. Therefore, it is wise to check the prices through some online website or application.

7 Tips to Make the Holidays Affordable this Summer

Also, compare the prices on the individual days before planning the vacation. Traveling on weekdays is cheaper than at the weekends. You will save a considerable sum if you plan the travel based on cheaper travel days.

Ask friends if they have some offers on credit cards while booking the tickets. You can also search the internet for discount codes and coupon codes or use the loyalty points on the cards. Many online booking platforms provide a discount to the new users that can help save some serious money.

2. Say No to the Hotels

Traditional hotel booking is more expensive than ever. A week-long stay in the hotels can quickly burn a hole in your pocket if you have a tight budget. Instead, select alternatives such as Home Away and Airbnb.

These sites provide places to stay in a different city or country at a lower price. They are available in numerous countries across the globe. If not, you can always stay at a hostel to live with the local community or fellow travelers.

Some people cannot compromise with the living condition as the room is the only place to relax. After exploring the neighborhood, a tiring day needs a comfy bed and a clean bathroom with a hot shower to recharge the body. Take out loans for very bad credit from direct lenders to cover the cost of a good hotel and other luxuries during the vacation.

3. Take Snacks from Home

Many people decide to use their car instead of expensive flights to travel. It has some benefits that include snacks or some meals in restaurants near the road. It is indeed slow but you cannot miss the element of adventure if the road is difficult.

7 Tips to Make the Holidays Affordable this Summer

The snacks near the highways are overpriced to take advantage of the travelers. Also, you may not find the favorite items in a different neighborhood. Therefore, it is recommended to buy stock up on the food items from the store nearest to your house.

You can also cook food at home to avoid eating at the restaurants in the way. It will be a cheaper and healthier alternative than the restaurant food if the packing is good. This also includes your drinks that can be carried in a small cooler easily available in the stores.

4. Don’t Pack Everything

Most vacations are short and don’t require people to change clothes every day. You can use the same nightclothes throughout the trip. Moreover, some of the accessories and essentials are easily available at the same price in the stores near the hotel.

This makes heavy packing a needless expense because of the limits set by the airlines. Add the drag of carrying the bag everywhere after landing on the foreign soil. Therefore, carry only the bare essentials that include clothing, medicines, and some accessories.

5. Limit the Orders

A new country or locality may have dozens of different food items and dishes you may have never tried. People end up ordering many dishes at once to give them a try. And a huge portion of their meal is wasted because of excessive ordering.

It is okay to try different stuff on vacations as it could be the only opportunity to have an authentic taste of them. However, you should order food within a limit to ensure no food and money is wasted. You can ask the restaurant or chef for a sample, and they may provide it for almost every dish to the tourists.

6. Carry Water Everywhere

Water is expensive in different parts of the world, with some countries experiencing a shortage of clean water. You will find tap at certain places that provide water to the visitors free of cost. The savings are significant at the end of a long trip.

Do not take the risk with water if the area is not known for good quality tap water. You can use the filters in the faucet to clean the water from pollutants. Since the full water bottles are not allowed past the airport security, you need to use the empty bottle packed at home.

7. Use Credit Cards Carefully

Credit cards can cause some trouble with finances because of the high-interest rates. However, some are extremely helpful while traveling in a different country if the international fees are zero. Also, some cards will provide access to the airport lounge for a first-class experience while waiting for the flight.

Therefore, find the card with the best offer to use during abroad travel. Do not use it to withdraw cash as the charges and interest are unreasonable. It is easier and cheaper to take an online loan from a direct lender instead.

Do not use the credit card for expenses other than essential. The available line of credit will make you buy unnecessary items during the travel. You may regret those spending during the repayment period.


To sum up, you can use the internet to find some more creative ways to make the trips affordable. Ask family or friends to share their experience of traveling on a limited budget. Nonetheless, you should prepare yourself for a bill over the decided budget even after hours of planning.

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