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How do you get paid by YouTube?

There are many options are available to get paid by youtube. Many YouTubers generating a lot of money on youtube. And there is not any hard and fast rule that only those YouTubers will make a large amount of money who has a large audience. You can make money for a decent audience. All you need is a targeted audience and youtube video engagements. There are direct and indirect ways of making money on youtube. We will cover every aspect here that could be beneficial for you to make money through Youtube. 

Making money by monetizing youtube channel:

This is a very common way to make money through youtube. Everyone who has a certain amount of youtube subscribers and watch-time can apply for youtube ads on their youtube channel. This is generally the basis source of making money from Youtube. Although, there are other options are available as well which we will discuss in this section later. Here you ask for youtube to run advertisers’ ads on your youtube channel. In return, youtube pays you some amount.

Mostly pay you on the impression base. Because most people skip the youtube ads that is the reason YouTubers do get a high amount from it. Of course, you have to find other methods to make money from Youtube. But here the problem is you have to follow many guidelines of Youtube. And in a very tiny problem, it can cut your payment. So you have to follow some instructions carefully.

Making money through sponsors:

As you knew that by monetizing your Youtube channel you can not make a decent amount of money. If you are using youtube just for the sake of entertainment purposes and you are happy with your job. Then there is no problem for those types of people. But if you take youtube as a career option and youtube is not your side business but your full-time job. Then only youtube ads can not fulfill your expenditures. And sponsors are those life-savers. Here you promote somebodies’ products by making a short segment in your video. In that segment, you tell about the qualities of their products. And in return, they pay you some amount.  Usually, most advertisers find you for sponsors but you can contact them directly as well.

Affiliate Marketing through youtube channel

In the above section where you promote somebody’s product, they hire you usually only for promotion. But in the section, you can ask many e-commerce companies for the affiliate connection. Suppose, you are making a video on website development and you are buying a domain or hosting in your video. Then in such, you can encourage your audience to buy from the same company. And from your description box where you put the link of those sites, you can retarget them into the domain and hosting site. Then whoever buys from the link which is provided by you would get a domain and you will get the commission.  

Basically, this is a commission-based system where the more product sells through your given link the more commission you will get. Sometimes it could be 10 to 20 percentage.


You might understand that earning from youtube only could not be enough if you are a full-time Youtuber. So you have to follow some other options as well. And if you provide quality content for your users and your audience do trust you. Then you can make a huge amount of money just from youtube. So just try to make happy your audience and do not worry about the rest. In case you want to buy youtube subscribers in India then please feel free to join our site. We can assure you that all the subscribers would be real and relevant. We can make your work easy at very reasonable prices.

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